Frank Santos’ 1st London Dominican Fusion Amateur Company

  • The Latin Passion Dance Entertainment proudly invites you to our First London’s Dominican Fusion Amateur Company by Frank Santos with Peynao er Bachatero as instructor.

    This course will be run approximately around 5 months with one weekly session of 1.5 hours of practise where the students will learn a choreography made by Frank Santos and tough by Peynao. The team will be Unisex with NO COUPLES dancing, so for us, it only matters the fact that you can learn the routine.

    There has been already some viewing of possible team members but if you want to take part on this team, please contact Peynao with using the details on the Contact section of this page.

    Frank Santos has been known for ages in the world of Latin Dance for being not just one of the First International Dominican Bachata Dancers but also one of the World Pioneers of the movement of this Dance style being the FIRST mixing Traditional, Modern and Sensual Bachata, all of them in a Perfect Balance. His Dance style is Unique and Frank is well known, not just for his great skills as dancer but also as choreographer, organiser and Judge and rules writer in the some of the most prestigious world Bachata competitions like World Bachata Masters. Such a Prestige is only reserved for the best artists. Frank has been one of the first Bachateros travelling through the 5 continents spreading the love for Bachata and inspiring millions of dancers. Frank is not just part of the living history of Bachata but also stands as one of the best current dancers teaching and performing in the Top International Festivals alongside great female dance partners as Gatica, Erica Ponce or Amneris Martinez.

  • For more information about the prices contact Peynao using the details on the Contact Section.

  •  * Bring comfortable, sport clothes.

     * Please, wear dance shoes or non sticky trainers if you prefer and your knees will welcome it. Avoid shoes that could damage the floor.

     * A hand towel for your sweat would be recommendable. And everyone is happier in a fresh smelling wrong ;p

     * You can bring a bottle of water or soft drink. Please, take with you all your stuff when you leave the room.

     * Chewing gums are NOT ALLOWED inside the studio during this workshop.

  • Flow Dance London
    Unit 3, Ground Floor, Kennington Business Park, Canterbury Court, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE

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